DPS selected by NITI-AAYOG for establishing of prestigious ATAL TINKERING LAB

DPS selected by NITI-AAYOG for establishing of prestigious ATAL TINKERING LAB


Delhi Public School, Srinagar feels immense pride in announcing yet another achievement of the school. NITI Aayog or National Institution for Transforming India, an Indian Government policy think-tank established by Mr. Narendra Modi, in collaboration with Intel Technology, India has initiated a project of awarding funds for the establishment of Atal Tinkering Labs across various institutions in India. Out of 13005 applications from various schools all over the country, only 237 were accepted for the sanctioning of funds for the proposed labs. Delhi Public School, Srinagar has the privilege to be the only school in the valley to have been selected for the sanction of funds for the labs.

The selection process involved qualifying through a number of challenges posed by the NITI Aayog. The applicant schools were graded on the basis of rigorous criteria including the formulation of a comprehensive proposal, detailing the plan of action after the establishment of the lab to fulfillment of requisite objectives. Another challenge was to provide a list of qualified and experienced mentors, capable of supervising the lab, post establishment. Delhi Public School, Srinagar was able to successfully fulfill all the requirements and thereby was selected as the only school in Kashmir to have received the sanction of funds for the lab. Feeling proud on this yet another achievement of the school, the Principal expressed that the schools today require to develop a scientific attitude as a culture and way of life. The students working on this project felt proud and elated while sharing their views about their little success and said the lab would enable them to think beyond their books and do things out of the box. They also expressed gratitude towards the school and Mr. Ehsan Quddusi, the guide and supervisor of the whole project, for always supporting them in achieving their goals. Mr. Ehsan Quddusi felt proud about the success of the team and the school.

The Atal Tinkering Labs are aimed at nurturing and nourishing creativity, curiosity and imaginative capabilities in the young minds of the children and inculcate in them the skills of design mindset, computational thinking, adaptive learning, physical computing, etc. Young children will get a chance to work with tools and equipment for experiments and inventions related to science, electronics, robotics, open source micro-controller boards, censors and 3D printers and computers.

This success of Delhi Public School, Srinagar does not benefit the school alone but will be shared by the schools and students of the whole valley because DPS, Srinagar will only act as a coordinator of the lab. The enthusiastic students from various schools would also have the opportunity to use the lab and benefit from it under the proper guidance and support of our well experienced mentors and shall therefore get a platform to exhibit their talents and develop their imaginative skills and ideas into successful inventions.