DPS Science & Maths TALENT EXAMINATION (SMTE) 2013-14

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Brief details about the Test.

Date of Examination for Level-1:  Wednesday 23 October 2013.

A. Students

  1. Report on performance of every student in Level 1 examination.
  2. Participation certificate to every student appearing in Level 1 examination.
  3. Merit certificate to all students appearing in Level 2 examination.
  4. Top 3 rank holders in the Level 2 examination will be honoured with attractive awards and certificates.
  5. Awards to approximately first 100 meritorious students in Level 2 examination.

B. School

  1. A merit trophy will be awarded to the school having maximum number of meritorious students qualifying in the level 2 examination.
  2. Two types of reports will be sent to schools.

a. Detailed Student’s Performance Report

• Score • Percentile Score • School Rank • Inter DPS Rank

b. Comparative information based on unit /skill in the syllabus of Science & Maths.

  • Name unit /skill
  • Average of School’s score
  • Standard deviation of school
  • Inter DPS average in that particular unit/skill.
  • Standard deviation at Inter DPS level.

The above information is expected to be used by schools to further improve upon the level of performance of their students in Science & Maths.

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