Mathematics faculty participates in capacity building workshop

Mathematics faculty participates in capacity building workshop


Two teachers from the Mathematics faculty, Mr. Firdous Ahmad and Mr. Parveiz participated in a 2-day capacity building programme at DAV Cent. Public School, Nabha on 11th and 12th Nov, 2018. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Shelley Chugh and Ms. Paramjeet Kaur (Principal, St. Teresa Convent School, Panchkula and Principal, KV, Fatehgarh respectively). The workshop aimed at equipping teachers to understand the nuances and face the challenges in teaching Mathematics in present scenario. Besides, it aimed at encouraging teachers to update their knowledge through self-learning and interaction with peers, thereby participating in an of exchange ideas.

37 teachers from different schools of the country attended the workshop with an aim to have a better understanding of developing and acquisition of the basic concepts of Mathematics. Teachers not only explored their knowledge of the system but were also able to clarify their doubts regarding the different terms and the basic aim of teaching the subject.

The commencement with ‘PPT’ set the tone of the workshop. The teachers were provided with the handouts which were corroborated by the PPTs. Ms. Shelley elucidated upon the importance of honing the abilities, attitudes and aptitudes of the students which in turn would ascertain life-long learning. She deliberated upon developing problem solving skills, critical thinking and logical reasoning, arithmetic computation, estimation, creativity and spatial thinking. She focused on the purposes of teaching Mathematics and insisted upon the fact that the teacher must act as a facilitator helping the children in developing all the above mentioned skills.

Ms. Paramjeet discussed about the steps for teaching Mathematics effectively :-

  • Interdisciplinary approach.
  • Checking previous knowledge.
  • Practice and revision via practice papers.
  • Involvement of one and all in the learning process.

The second day of the workshop was all the more stimulating as different activities opened new doors of learning for the teachers. The resource person encouraged and guided the teachers in making the activity based lesson plans.

The 2-day workshop culminated with in-depth study of understanding the criteria of framing of Mathematics question paper detailing about internal assessment and also explained all the rubrics for evaluation of subject enrichment and notebook. It also acquainted the teachers with recent trends in teaching Mathematics.