An Exciting Day Out: Technology and History Combined

An Exciting Day Out: Technology and History Combined


On May 18, 2024, the Learning Resource Center (LRC) department of Delhi Public School organized an enriching excursion for students and teachers, splitting them into two groups for visits to the Gaming Zone Pavilion and Shalimar Gardens.

The senior group of the LRC went to the Gaming Zone Pavilion, where they delved into advanced gaming technology, including virtual reality setups, interactive simulators, and modern gaming consoles. They also observed a live esports demonstration, which provided a glimpse into the competitive side of gaming. During their visit, students enjoyed snacks at the restaurant Tarana, where the food was scrumptious.

Meanwhile, the other group explored the Shalimar Gardens, touring the terraced lawns, fountains, and picturesque landscapes. A guided tour highlighted the historical and architectural significance of the gardens, enhancing the educational value of the visit. After the tour, students enjoyed a picnic with delicious lunches and snacks amidst the serene surroundings.

This excursion offered students a blend of technological and historical experiences, complemented by enjoyable food at both locations. The outing broadened their perspectives, combining modern and historical learning in a memorable way.