Fun way to teach science concepts

Fun way to teach science concepts


Objectives: Concept building, identification, discrimination and memorization

“Science Word-Wall”

It is an activity for the purpose of making student aware of the new words that they may come across while watching a video or reading a chapter. The children go through a recapitulation of these words on daily basis so that they become well aware of these words.

“Solar System” activity

It is an activity which is useful for teaching position and the name of different planets of the solar system. This activity helps a child to memorize and recapitulate the position and names of different planets by doing it in a practical way.

Plant and animal cell

The aim of preparing the animal cell and plant cell model is that the student is able to understand the properties better, reflecting the idea that cells are 3-dimensional. The teacher makes sure they understand that viewing cells in a book, picture or even under a microscope shows only the 2-dimensional view of the cells. Students make interfaces about cells. The child states what he thinks is happening in the cells. By making a 3-dimensional model of the cells the student can easily understand the importance of the elements like nucleus, mitochondria etc of the cell and differentiate among the components of the same.

House making activity

The activity was done with a child in order to make him understand the concept of a house which includes the introduction of different parts of the house like rooms, windows, entrance of the house etc.

Parts of the plant activity

This activity was done with a 6th class student for the purpose of making her aware with the different parts of plant and their functions. It is a model which is made up of clay and different colors have been used by the student to depict different parts of the plant.