LRC Celebrates International Technology Week: A Showcase of Innovation

LRC Celebrates International Technology Week: A Showcase of Innovation


Delhi Public School’s Learning Resource Centre (LRC) Department proudly celebrated International Technology Week with a dynamic exhibition on May 16, 2024. Throughout the week from May 6th to May 10th, students and teachers from the Information Technology (IT) section collaborated tirelessly to bring forth a remarkable showcase of technological ingenuity.

The exhibition featured an impressive array of innovative projects, each a testament to the creativity and dedication of the participants. From the sleek design of drone helicopters to the practical utility of washing machines and table fans, the diversity of creations underscored the breadth of talent within the school. Notable highlights included meticulously crafted replicas of the iconic P51 Mustang plane and a functioning windmill, demonstrating both craftsmanship and environmental consciousness.

Each student proudly presented their model, providing insights into the design process and technological principles behind their creations. The exhibition drew admiration from esteemed Principal Ms. Shafaq Afshan, including members of the student and teacher councils from the main school, who were deeply impressed by the caliber of work displayed.

The event served as a platform not only for showcasing technological prowess but also for fostering collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving skills among students and teachers alike. The department remains committed to nurturing innovation and preparing its students to excel in an ever-evolving technological landscape.