LRC celebrates Sports Day

LRC celebrates Sports Day


The LRC department of Delhi Public School Athwajan’s Sports Day on October 7th was a dynamic event that united students, parents, faculty, and distinguished guests, Mr. Vijay Dhar and Kiran Dhar, in a jubilant display of sportsmanship and camaraderie. The day kicked off with an exhilarating Hurdle Race, showcasing agility and speed, setting the tone for an action-packed day.

The 80-meter sprints followed, where young athletes displayed innate athleticism and determination, accompanied by the thunderous cheers of the crowd. The highlight was a captivating Wushu match featuring Ehaan and Saarish Dhar, revealing the dedication required to master this martial art.

Yoga sessions offered a moment of serenity amidst the excitement, emphasizing holistic well-being. The Beach Ball Drill added teamwork and playfulness, while the Book Balance competition demanded focus and discipline.

The graceful Ribbon Dance performance added an artistic touch, captivating the audience with fluid movements. The Water Game Drill provided refreshment and camaraderie, with a playful water challenge.

The day reached its pinnacle with an intense Cricket match, exemplifying teamwork and sportsmanship. Principal Shafiq Afshan and the chief guests distributed prizes in the grand finale, adding prestige to an already remarkable day.

In conclusion, this Sports Day transcended competition, promoting physical fitness, teamwork, and the joy of sports. These moments of triumph, skill, and unity will be cherished, reinforcing the school’s commitment to holistic development and sportsmanship.