Running Towards Greatness: The LRC – Cross Country Challenge

Running Towards Greatness: The LRC – Cross Country Challenge


The Cross Country run, organized by the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) department of Delhi Public School, unfolded along Duck Park Foreshore Road to Eco Park Foreshore Road. It began with esteemed Principal Shafaq Afshan’s gunshot, initiating a challenging race for students from various departments.

At 6:30 AM, as the sun rose, participants embarked on their journey towards Eco Park. Leading was Mohammad Afaan Dar from the Life Skills department, displaying remarkable determination. Close behind was Mohammad Suhain Baba from the Visually Impaired department, navigating with courage and precision. Rehan Nawaz from the Life Skills department surged forward with unwavering determination, keeping pace with his competitors.

With each passing minute, participants pushed themselves, showcasing their resilience and tenacity. By 7:00 AM, the race concluded, with Mohammad Afaan Dar emerging as the winner, followed by Mohammad Suhain Baba and Rehan Nawaz.

Amidst shared embraces and cheers, spectators acknowledged each participant’s effort, celebrating the collective spirit of the event. After the race, participants enjoyed refreshments, while every student received certificates from the coordinator of the LRC department, Ms. Munaza, fostering inclusion and encouragement.

The Cross Country run celebrated determination, resilience, and inclusivity, leaving a legacy of inspiration. It reminded everyone that with perseverance and support, greatness is achievable.