1st Founders Day celebrations held at DPS Srinagar

1st Founders Day celebrations held at DPS Srinagar


Delhi Public School, Srinagar held its first Founders Day on May 10th, 2022 to commemorate the birth anniversary of Shri. D P Dhar. On this occasion, people who founded the school including staff were felicitated. The primary aim of this mark of observance was to acknowledge the ambition & potential of every student and the dedication of staff in both academic and extra-curricular spheres.

The day was celebrated with fervor, zest and enthusiasm in the school. A wide medley of activities were enacted to commemorate the all-round achievements of students as well as staff. The day began formally with the rendition of the school prayer to invoke the guiding spirit of the school, and usher in an aura of peace and gratitude.

Following the prayer, as a mark of gratitude Kiran Dhar and Vijay Dhar were felicitated by the school and presented a “Halo of Wisdom and Dedication” Award to honour and recognize their service in the establishment of school.

After the felicitation, the Pro-Vice Chairman, Mr. Vijay Dhar addressed the gathering. He acknowledged the dedication and hard work of those early trailblazers “who built the foundation of the school.” He said that the “school would hardly have become the phenomenon of reform and excellence that it has become without the painstaking efforts of each member of the school fraternity, the parents and students. “This day”, he said, “we celebrate those efforts to assure them that the efforts are not only recognized but also recognized as stakeholders that turn the course of history towards the glorious ends that the ancient spirit of excellence in Kashmir stands for”

Following his speech, Ms. Tarika Khattar and Ms. Sunanda Dhar were presented an appreciation award in acknowledgement of their meritorious efforts & service in making of Shri DP Dhar Memorial Website. After that the much-awaited Shri D.P. Dhar Memorial Website (https://dpdhar.com) was inaugurated by Mr. Vijay Dhar as a tribute to his late illustrious father. Having played an integral role in defining the course of Kashmir history, and a lifetime of glorious service to the people of the region, Shri DP Dhar merited a memorial that would testify to his rich legacy and inspire generations to come to enter public service. Shri D P Dhar was a prominent Kashmiri politician and Indian diplomat. He has also held position of Home Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Ambassador to the Soviet Union, and Union Minister of Planning in the Govt. of India.

Late Shri D.P.Dhar is more known for his philanthropy and his dedication to the people of Jammu & Kashmir. He was always for the strengthening of the socio–economic fabric of the state, by making the people of Kashmir self-reliant, industrious and proud of their ‘Kashmiriyat’. It is in this backdrop that he envisioned Education as an essential instrument to achieve these goals.

To honour the memory of Late Shri D.P.Dhar and to complete the unfinished task left by him the family and friends decided to constitute a public trust to promote education in Jammu and Kashmir. The objective was to set up a full-fledged school from class LKG to class XII affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (C.B.S.E). The school known as Delhi Public School Srinagar was started on 10th March 2003 and completes 20 years today.

Following the orchestra the school orchestra delivered a melodious performance which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone, after which the student achievers who have won accolades for shining in sports, debates, academics and adventure were felicitated for their outstanding achievements. Soon after the commendation of students, the programme was followed by a dance performance of Primary Department Students which filled the atmosphere with aura of celebration.

Then the Staff members were felicitated for their dedicated and continuous service to the institution for years. The Staff members were presented with momentoes to celebrate and recognize staff members who have made a significant, positive impact on the DPS Srinagar community. The day culminated in a mesmorizing Raag Malhar performance, by TinyTots Department. It had an amalgamation of Taals, which have been used in a variety of ways to further enhance the composition.

The day ended formally with a Vote of Thanks to the dignitaries on behalf of the entire school by the Principal, Ms. Shafaq Afshan. She pointed out “The day stands witness to the staggering array of talents of both students and staff.” “The day is important”, she said , “because it reminds of the journeys undertaken by the school from inconspicuous beginnings to the dizzying heights it has reached today. We celebrate to remind ourselves of the years of grit and perspiration that lie ahead of us to maintain the ascent of the school, to remind ourselves that success is never final, but also that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”