Alumni Meet 2023 – Dipsites return to roots

Alumni Meet 2023 – Dipsites return to roots


The Alumni Meet 2023 was organized on July 2, which brought together the dispsites from various class years and age groups. The Meet was held in order to welcome alumni back to reconnect with peers and the campus community. It provided a wonderful opportunity for the alumni to reconnect with old friends, reminisce about their school days, and celebrate their journey. The event was a grand success with alumni from different batches attending the event. The theme for this year’s meet was ‘Celebrating the journey of our alumni.’

The campus was abuzz with excitement as attendees immersed themselves in a wide range of events offered throughout the day. The program started with a welcome speech by the alumni association president, who thanked everyone for coming and shared her excitement about meeting old friends. The highlight of the event was the keynote address by the guest of honor and chairman, Mr. Vijay Dhar who said, “I praise the multiple roles played by you all sitting over here. There are advocates, artists, scientists, doctors, actors, engineers, teachers, etc. sitting in the crowd. I would like to appreciate all the effort that is done by you all for the development of our society and thank you for justifying the years spent by you at this institution”.

The day-long series of events typically consisted of campus tours, reunions, performances, and celebrations. The program included band performances by the notable alumni performers. There were also interactive sessions where alumni shared their experiences and memories of their school days.

Concluding the event, the alumni Association presented vote of thanks & sincerely expressed its gratitude to the Management of the School for his guidance and support to make this event a grand success.