Career counselling session with Khawar Butt

Career counselling session with Khawar Butt


As a part of DPS Srinagar career counseling initiative, a session was held with Mr. Khawar Butt, in Junior College Auditorium on June 1st, 2022, focusing on `IT Network Skills as a Career Path’. The objective of the session was to provide a platform to class XII students to discuss and understand IT and its different fields as a career path. The discussion was targeted at understanding what paths are available for students as IT career, requirement of highly specialized skills in the field of IT, Network Security, Artificial Intelligence, in order to help them navigating career as an IT professional.

Mr. Khawar Butt is a Cisco certified master trainer who is Hexa CCIE as well as holds additional certification of CCDE. Mr. Khawar Butt has carved out a prestigious position in the IT Industry as a Top-Notch Engineer. He is one of the very few Networking Engineers that hold 6 CCIE’s and the CCDE Certification. He has been in the industry since 1992. He started his professional career as a Network Consultant in Los Angeles, California. He has since worked on prestigious network implementations around the world. Mr. Khawar has been delivering seminars and training sessions all around the world for the past 26 years. Some of the countries that he has delivered training in are the US, England, Germany, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Australia and Mauritius.

Mr. Khawar Butt, Chairman and CTO, KBITS, who was the resource person for the session, shared his vast experience with regards to specialized skills in areas of CISCO certifications.

Some of the aspects discussed in the discussion included learning to keep a check on current industry requirements, pursuing a relevant Cisco certification, areas of Networks and Systems, Network Security, Web Development, Remote Administration, and creating a support network of people who have the same career such as Alumni Network. He emphasized on reaching out to people who have gone through the same path and understand their experience and the hurdles they have overcome. The session was enlightening & enriching and helped students to better prepare for this career path.