Children’s day celebrated with fervor

Children’s day celebrated with fervor


The Tiny Tots section celebrated the children’s day with much fervor and joy. The celebrations began with a special school assembly the teachers stepped into the shoes of our students and conducted the entire assembly right from Prayer saying the thought of the day, the significance of the day, and Dance performance by a group of teachers.

Teachers gave various performances for the students in order to exhibit their love and affection for them. The special Assembly started with a beautiful prayer presented by class 3rd and 4th teachers followed by thought by Ms.Ishrat. Next a speech on the importance of Children’s day by Mr. Gulzar, a dance followed, and song performances by class LKG, UKG, 1st, and 2nd teachers were very entertaining. Students cheered their teachers and wrote beautiful comments in chatboxes. The zoom session was buzzing with excitement and joy. The Academic Incharge of the wing Ms. Radifa Nazir applauded the teachers for putting up a wonderful show.

Middle Wing (V-VIII)

Children’s Day is celebrated every year on 14th November in India, as a tribute to Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India and an ardent supporter of children’s education. It is a day to celebrate the innocence of childhood and reaffirm the fact that children are the future of our nation and must be nurtured with care.

A special assembly was organized for the students of Middle Wing (V-VIII) on 15 November 2020 to celebrate Children’s Day. Children are beautiful flowers and create a fragrant garden with their distinct personalities. The assembly celebrated the individuality of each child, with a beautiful performance by the teachers, songs, poems, music, activities like online games, fun quizzes, and tongue twisters were performed by the teachers for their students which was followed by a wide array of various programmes organised by teachers. Art activities were also given to students where they displayed their talent. Students enjoyed deciphering the visual performances by their teachers. The children thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful ensemble of events. A number of hilarious enactments were staged to entertain and amuse the students. The assembly also provided a platform to the students to display their talents like singing, dancing, playing an instrument, etc.