Choithram School, Indore students visit to our school

Choithram School, Indore students visit to our school


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Special Assembly Choithram School, Indore

Special Assembly by 11th and 12th

Valedictory Ceremony

The valedictory ceremony was held on 12th May where the Indore students who visited our school for the exchange programme were bid farewell. It started with our students singing the school prayer. ‘Lab pe aati hai dua’. The prayer was followed by a Kashmiri song Chandanhaar which was sung beautifully by a group of students and the music was played by our talented students who were on various instruments e.g. congo, guitar, table. It was a very lively performance. The group of girls beautifully clad in colourful Kashmiri attire performed Kashmiri folk dance Rouf. A small group of students raised awareness about corruption in our society. This was followed by a performance of Indore students and vote of thanks was presented by Indore students.  The ceremony concluded with chairman Vijay Dhar awarding certificates to the volunteer parent’s, volunteer students and visiting Indore students.