Class VIII students organise a Festive Eid Assembly

Class VIII students organise a Festive Eid Assembly


Eid is a special occasion celebrated by Muslims all over the world, and our class VIII students beautifully showcased the significance and essence of the festival in a special assembly held in the school on 20th April 2023.

The event commenced with the recitation of the school prayer by a group of students, which set a tranquil and reflective tone for the audience, followed by a beautiful thought by one the students.  The assembly featured a beautiful poem that bade farewell to the holy month of Ramadan and welcomed the arrival of Eid.

Next, an informative speech was presented by a student; the speech highlighted the spiritual significance, traditions, customs and religious obligations associated with Eid. The speech helped students understand the underlying significance of this festival and enabled them to appreciate the cultural and spiritual diversity that exists in our society.

The highlight of the assembly was a vibrant performance by a group of students, who sang a group song that captured the festive spirit of Eid. The students sang with great enthusiasm and rhythm.

After the song, our students treated the audience to a beautiful ‘Rouf’ performance. The dance highlighted the unique features of Kashmiri culture. The anchors did an excellent job by keeping the audience entertained with poetry and songs written by their teacher.

The assembly was addressed by our respected Principal Ma’am, who spoke briefly about the occasion and urged students to celebrate the festival with joy and happiness. She also appreciated the efforts of the staff and the students.

Overall, the special assembly conducted by class VIII students was a wonderful celebration of the festival of Eid. The students showcased their talents and skills, and their performance was a true reflection of the spirit of Eid.