Cross Country Run IX and X

Cross Country Run IX and X


On the 24th of May, Delhi Public School, Srinagar organized a Cross Country Run that garnered enthusiastic participation from the students in attendance. The event commenced at Duck Park and culminated at Nishat Bagh. Students wholeheartedly joined the run, displaying exceptional determination and commendable sportsmanship throughout the course.

The atmosphere was filled with palpable energy and excitement as students congregated at Duck Park in the early hours of the morning, geared up and prepared to embrace the challenge ahead. The run was ceremoniously flagged off by our esteemed Principal, Ms. Shafaq Afshan.

The event held  was a resounding success, with all participants demonstrating commendable effort and sportsmanship. Following the competitive spirit, a facilitation ceremony was conducted under the esteemed guidance of our Principal. We proudly recognized and celebrated the exceptional performance of the following students who emerged as the top performers:

Class X Boys:

  1. 1st position:- Muhammad Murshid of class X I
  2. 1st runner up:- Muhammad Mursal of class X I
  3. 2nd runner up:- Qaweem Masrat of class X F

Class X Girls:

  1. 1st position:- Sanaz Aamina of class X E
  2. 1st runner up:- Manaal Hussain from class X B
  3. 2nd runner up:- Sujhat Wani of class X E

Class IX Boys:

  1. 1st position:- Mohammad Numan of class IX H
  2. 1st runner up:- Roman Farooq from class IX B
  3. 2nd runner up:- Raja Iyad Khan of class IX H

Class IX Girls:

  1. 1st runner up:- Fatima Gowhar of class IX B
  2. 1st runner up:- Aisha Yatoo of class IX C
  3. 2nd runner up:- Noorain Shah of class IX C

Winners were presented with certificates and medals as a symbol of acknowledgment for their remarkable accomplishments. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the awardees and commend them for their dedication and hard work.