DPS Srinagar celebrates International Women’s Day

DPS Srinagar celebrates International Women’s Day


DPS Srinagar is committed to empowering and amplifying the voices of women and girls in all their diversity. On International Women’s Day, DPS Srinagar joined forces to cover gender-based global issues and organized a highly interactive session to celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of women to the society, the economy, culture and all other spheres as well as the impact empowering women can have on wider issues.

To mark International Women’s Day, DPS Srinagar organized a session for its teachers and staff on March 8th at the Senior Auditorium, in which representatives of five global NGOs interacted with the teachers about the tenacity, determination, and leadership of women as well as the struggles with issues of physical safety, insecurity, and lack of access to basic rights. There is still much to strive for to make girls and women feel safe and to realize their dreams. Theses representatives included Mr. Bharat Wakhlu and Ms. Savita Bhan Wakhlu, Executive Director and Co-Founder, Foundation for Peace and Compassionate Leadership, Srinagar & Pune – India, Ms. Nilima Bhat – Founder, Shakti Leadership, Bangalore, India & Mexico, Mr. Alexander Schiffer – Co-Founder, Home for Humanity Germany & France, Ms. Rama Mani – Co-Founder, Home for Humanity, India & France and Ms. Monica Jaramillo, Curator, Wiseexperience.com and Grandma’s March.

These representatives of five global NGOs are committed to women’s empowerment, gender equality, feminine wisdom, nurturing leadership, healing, social justice, peace, compassion, and the protection and preservation of our only home – Planet Earth (or Mother Earth). They shared their stories and experiences with the teachers and tapped into the wisdom stories of Kashmiri Women, the “Mothers and Daughters of Kashmir”. Also teachers and staff of DPS Srinagar shared their side of the stories. “Rise of the women does not mean the fall of the men. It’s high time men receive counseling or change of vision to understand the value & importance of women and the role she plays”, remarked one of the teachers.

Stitched together, these stories made a testimony that gender equality should not remain a distant dream. The 2 hour long session sparked mixed feelings in the audience that there is a certain pride in the progress that has been achieved so far yet there is acquiescence that there is still far to climb.