DPS Srinagar organizes mega plantation drive for a greener future

DPS Srinagar organizes mega plantation drive for a greener future


The school sets an example of environmental responsibility with its Mega Plantation Week

Delhi Public School, Srinagar, organized a Mega Plantation Week from March 21st to March 29th 2023, aimed at raising awareness about the importance of trees for a greener future. Students from various classes visited farm and participated in planting saplings, learning firsthand about the significance of trees for mankind. Throughout the week, students were also taught the right techniques for planting saplings and watering them, showing great enthusiasm and passion for the cause.

The Plantation Week is an annual event observed across the world to encourage children to plant more trees and learn about environmental sustainability. Delhi Public School, Srinagar, holds the event every year with the goal of initiating a green revolution and making children responsible for their present and future. In a world that’s largely driven by technology and AI gadgets, planting saplings and protecting the environment are values of pronounced importance.

Delhi Public School, Srinagar, has always been at the forefront of providing the best education to children and takes pride in illuminating young minds. The school provides an exceptional platform to students, where they learn by doing things and become better human beings.

The Plantation Week concluded on March 29th 2023, leaving a remarkable impact on the students. On this occasion, the Chairman Mr. Vijay Dhar said, “We believe in providing the best education to our children that helps them become better citizens. The Plantation drive is one step towards making our children responsible.” The Principal, Ms. Shafaq Afshan, added, “It is a delight to see young children participating in activities to protect the environment. These children are our future, and they must be taught strong values to secure the future. The Plantation Week successfully concluded and gave all of us food for thought.”

Farmhouse visit Class 1st

Farmhouse visit Class 2nd

Farmhouse visit Class 3rd