DPS Srinagar students’ participated in Cathedral Model United Nations (CMUN) 2023


Students of DPS Srinagar participated in the prestigious CMUN (Cathedral Model United Nations) held at The President Hotel Mumbai from 18th August to 20th August 2023. The team of nine students was accompanied by Mr. Yoqube Ganie. This event brought together young, bright minds from various schools to engage in diplomatic discourse and address critical global issues. Students showcased their diplomatic skills, engaged in meaningful debates, and foster global awareness.

Cathedral Model United Nations (CMUN) is podium for young students to come together from different cultures and regions in India and abroad, to represent delegates to the United Nations and assume UN Committees with agendas. This provides the students an opportunity to engage in debates concerning the burning crisis and issues, to become conscious of diplomacy, international relations and systematic functioning of the UN. This allows the students to think through the global issues and provide solutions to the problems, make shaper their creativity, global awareness and debating skills.

CMUN at Mumbai was a 3 day-long event starting from August 18, 2023 to August 20, 2023. In these three days, the students debated on their agendas, questioned the issues and moved towards providing resolutions to the identified crisis and issues. The students where part of different committees: Historical Security Council, Conclave of The Pirate Lords, Grand Council of Charles, Mafia Commission Trial, Economic and Social Commission for Asia and The Pacific, South Korean Regulatory Reform Committee, Futuristic Disarmament and Intl Security Council and Intl Press Corps. There were 2 sessions each day in the conference where the students expressed their thoughts and ideas. CMUN 2023 was an event with filled with exciting discussions and students expressed with eagerness including meeting with people from other places and making new friendships. Every delegate contributed to the discussion dearly and exposes greater knowledge on issues, research abilities and critical analysis.

There were near about 400 student delegates from 30 reputed schools across the country and abroad. Mr. Arun Shourie a renowned generalist and politician was chief gust for opening ceremony of the CMUN and Honourable Consul General Mr. Kobbi Shoshani from Isreal was the chief gust at the closing ceremony. The participation of DPS Srinagar students in the CMUN Mumbai conference was a resounding success, firmly establishing their prowess in international diplomacy and global affairs. Their Participation underscores the school’s commitment to providing a holistic education that nurtures critical thinking, public speaking, and diplomatic skills.