Farewell ceremony of Ms. Farida John, Ms. Parveen Jan, and Ms. Reeta Bakaya

Farewell ceremony of Ms. Farida John, Ms. Parveen Jan, and Ms. Reeta Bakaya


Delhi Public School, Srinagar, bid adieu to three of its esteemed teachers, Ms. Farida John, Ms. Parveen Jan, and Ms. Reeta Bakaya, who served the school for more than two decades with distinction.

The farewell ceremony was organized on March 18th, 2023 at the Senior School Auditorium and was attended by the school’s Principal, academic in-charges and the faculty members of the secondary wing.

The ceremony was anchored by Mr. Sajid Mohiuddin, who began by thanking the retiring teachers for their contributions to the school. He recalled how each of them had been an inspiration and guide to generations of students and teachers alike. He also acknowledged the sacrifices made by the teachers, who had devoted their time and efforts to shaping the future of their students.

In her speech, Ms. Farida John expressed her gratitude towards the school management, colleagues, and students for the support and encouragement they had received during their tenure at DPS Srinagar. She also shared some of her memorable experiences and anecdotes from her time at the school. Ms. Parveen Jan and Ms. Reeta Bakaya also shared their experiences and thanked everyone for the love and respect they had received. All three of them emphasized the importance of education and urged the teachers to strive for excellence in all of their pursuits.

Then, Ms. Arusa expressed her gratitude towards them and appreciated their endeavors in always being sincere towards their work and professionally being adept and ready to learn new things.

The Principal of the school, Ms. Shafaq Afshan, then addressed the gathering and spoke about the significant impact that the three retiring teachers had on her and the school. She praised their dedication, professionalism, and commitment to their work. Ms. Afshan acknowledged the immense contribution of each teacher to the school and wished them a happy and fulfilling retirement.

She then presented the retiring teachers with gifts as a token of appreciation. The gifts included a framed photo depicting their journey at the school and a souvenir as a token of appreciation from the school. The teachers were overwhelmed by the gesture and expressed their gratitude towards the school management, students, and colleagues for making their journey at DPS Srinagar memorable.

The three retiring teachers, Ms. Farida John, Ms. Parveen, and Ms. Reeta Bakaya, were then invited to cut the cake to mark the end of their journey at DPS Srinagar. The staff members joined in the celebration and expressed their love and affection for three of them.

In conclusion, the farewell ceremony was a touching and emotional tribute to the three retiring teachers who had dedicated their lives to educating and inspiring not only the students of DPS Srinagar but the staff as well. The ceremony provided an opportunity for the teachers and the staff to express their gratitude and appreciation for their hard work, commitment, and contribution to the school’s success.

These teachers will be greatly missed, but their legacy will continue to inspire future generations of DPS Srinagar staff and the students.