Farewell party 2014

Farewell party 2014


Farewell, 2014 proved to be a grand event with the colours of the cultural feast unfolding themselves and blending with the beauty of the graceful evening that was awaiting. Guests in beautiful dresses and impressive personalities joined the hall to grace the occasion.

DIPSITES we realized again are handsome gentlemen and gorgeous ladies; this fact was never as clear. The guests were welcomed by the compares – Aarsh-Juweriaand Aliyah- Shariq where they promised that the evening was going to be fun and entertaining. The event began with a welcome speech by Tuba Beigh.It was followed by Mr. Vijay Dhār’s speech.He addressed the outgoing students with words full of experience and advice. In his own charming way, he waved the guests a goodbye.

The entertainment began with a melodious song sung by Rutba and Mehvish Shakeel which was followed by Hujjat with his beautiful western song. The beauty of whose voice filled and soon enthralled the hall. It was followed by a captivating dance performance by Sharik Bakshi who rocked the stage. The students amazed everyone with their on the spot Radio Show performance where Sheena from class XII acted as an RJ and few students from the audience acted as live callers. The Dipsites had arranged a delightful beverage of KEHWA, keeping in view their culture. It was enjoyed along with a beautiful musical background by Mr. Arshid (music department).

Titles were declared with Dipsites being rewarded for the image and the inspiration that he/she had been, while in the school.

  • Mr. DPS was bagged by Afra Sayab.
  • Ms. DPS by Hishma Nazir.
  • Ms. Disciplined by Madiha Majid.
  • Mr. Best Dressed by Wasiq.
  • Ms. Best Dressed by Sadiya Javeed.
  • Best sports-person by Mohsin Qayoom and Abrar Ali.

Early bird by Mehrosh and Aalima.

The smiles were more seen around with the stunning dance performance by Kapish Sharma who rocked the stage.The meal was served along with a melodious song ‘PAL’ by Tuba and Shehran.The function geared up with the game of ‘passing the bowl’. The students enjoyed the game very much. A photo documentary by (Suzan Javid – XII B3, Syed Basharat Ali XII – C1 & Mohammad Manan Khan – XII A2) was the highlight of the evening which captured the years of the passing-out students. This drove many of them to tears.

The grand finale was the traditional farewell song ‘auld lang syne’  sung by students accompanied by Ms. Saira Raza and Ms. Arusa. Lit candles symbolic of the flame of knowledge, was passed from the seniors to the juniors.

A tearful speech was given by Ms. Shazia Bakshi (administrator) bidding everyone adieu as she’s moving to face another sphere; new challenges. A cake was cut by the passing out students and Ms. Shazia Bakshi.

The face of the student council; The Head Girl touched the audience by her sentimental speech. Every heart cried, every eye was wet with sentiments and every face was a witness to the fact : the school which had nurtured them years long – they were sure to miss it, terribly miss it all.The Vote of thanks by Kashaf was the last of the events that witnessed emotional accounts from every corner of the hall; guests leaving teary eyed, teachers and students hugging each other and the juniors seeing the reflection in the eyes of their seniors of what they were going to encounter a year later on the same platform.

The entire DPS family wishes them all luck.

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