The first day of LKG in School

The first day of LKG in School


It’s a mile stone like no other, that moment when parents watch their children head off to kindergarten. The experience awakens so many emotions in mothers and fathers that they’re often not sure how to react. Should they celebrate, cry or worry?

The first day of school is a mixture of anxiety and excitement not only for a child but also the parents and grandparents accompanying their wards to the school. The day marks the beginning of the most important phase of a child’s life.

The parents were worried to let go of their children while the children clung to their parents, unwilling to part. The little bribes of chocolates and biscuits were used as a temptation for the kids to part with a smile yet there were tears trickling down their small rosy cheeks while their eyes pleaded for the parents to not leave them alone.

 It was celebration time in “Tiny Tots” as the new entrants joined the school for the first time on 13th March. There was hustle and bustle all around and the school wore a cheerful look as students headed towards their wing in their new and tidy uniforms. Teachers had decorated the Tiny Tots wing with balloons, festoons, ribbons, creative bulletin boards, etc. in order to cheer up the tiny tots and create a pleasant and cordial atmosphere for them while they walked towards their classrooms with the parents. The children received a warm welcome from the school and the management.

Dear parents,

As you said good-bye to your little ones, here is what we want to assure you:

The First Day of School
Can be hard for Mom and Dad.
Part of you feels excited,
The other part feels sad.
For these years you’ve held their hand,
And have been their loving guide.
Now you know the time has come,
To leave them by our side.
But it is only for a little while,
As your child will learn and grow.
And at the end of every day,
They will share with you all they know.
So as you walk away
Don’t worry anymore
We’ll take care of these precious ones
When you leave them at our door.