Fourth-grade students participate in a tree-planting event

Fourth-grade students participate in a tree-planting event


A plantation drive was organized for the students of Grade IV students on April 10th at Dangerpoora Farm House Srinagar. The main objective of the event was to promote awareness about the importance of planting trees for the environment and to encourage the students to contribute to the cause of environmental conservation.

The day commenced with a briefing by the teachers, who explained the significance of trees in our lives and the role they play in maintaining a healthy environment. The students were then divided into groups, and each group was given saplings of different types of vegetables. The students were also shown tools like shovels and other necessary tools to plant the saplings.

The plantation drive was held at the beautiful and spacious Dangerpoora Farm House in Srinagar, which provided an ideal location for the students to plant the saplings. The students were excited and enthusiastic about the activity, and they worked together in groups to plant the saplings in the designated areas of the farm.

Students were accompanied by the school teachers, medical team and staff who helped children during the entire plantation drive. Students were also given a chance to ask questions and learn more about the different types of trees and their benefits.

After the saplings were planted, the students enjoyed by playing sports and eating their lunch and they were congratulated for their efforts in contributing towards the cause of environmental conservation.

In conclusion, the plantation drive held for the Grade 4 students of Delhi Public School Jammu and Kashmir at Dangerpoora Farm House Srinagar was a success, and it served as a great learning experience for the students. Such events not only create awareness about the environment but also instill a sense of responsibility towards nature in young minds.