‘Me and My Health’ month activities in Tiny Tots

‘Me and My Health’ month activities in Tiny Tots


In the world today where children are exposed to various kinds of food and leading a sedentary life, it is essential to train the students about a healthy life style. Thus, to create awareness amongst the students regarding importance of eating healthy food and staying healthy, Tiny Tots of Delhi Public School, Srinagar observed the month of May as health month under the theme “Me and My Health”. A series of activities and worksheets were planned throughout the month in order propel the children towards physical exercises and inculcate healthy eating habits. The theme culminated in celebrating “Health Day” on 3rd June, 2015. The students had to bring activity material related to healthy food, cleanliness, hygiene, etc. They made different charts, decorative items, etc with the help of their teachers that were later displayed in their respective classes. Short skits were presented by the students of Class I and II on the topic ‘Health is Wealth’. Children from all the classes orated various health benefits of eating healthy food, maintaining cleanliness, physical fitness, etc. They also sung different songs related to said theme. Such activities helped the children to understand the nutritional values of various food items and how healthy living is a gateway to a disease free living. A panel of judges (comprising four teachers: Ms Badar, Ms Zeenat, Mr Vijay Rana and Ms Ulfat) visited every class and after taking into consideration all the points, following sections from each class i.e, LKG to 2nd were declared best classes.

  • LKG: Section-F
  • UKG: Section-C
  • 1st: Section-C
  • 2nd: Section-E

Congrats! Winners

Hats off to all classes for the enterprise shown by all.

Children returned home with a promise not to eat junk food. Hope the reiteration of the importance of health and hygiene would help raise them into adults with better living lifestyle. We hope parents will further motivate wards not to eat junk food to stay fit and healthy.

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