Language Teaching Session with Dr. Aziz Hajini

Language Teaching Session with Dr. Aziz Hajini


The school in keeping with its commitment to teacher development invited Prof. Dr. Aziz Hajini for a workshop on methodology for teaching language skills. Dr. Hajini started off with his anecdotal narrative of years of experience in the teaching industry and managed to rivet the staff with his humour and wit. He reiterated the importance of the mother tongue influence and how connecting a pupil’s sense of identity with his native culture would make learning a foreign language more successful. He demonstrated the old age that teachers were facilitators more and guides and that in today’s world of information technology, the teacher had to come down to the level of the children.

He further emphasized the need for activity based learning and also the significance of rhymes and dramatics in instilling confidence in a child. His “speak a language, live a language” became the catch phrase for the staff and he ended with the admonition of identifying creative people through language arts.

The staff was enthused with the wise words and extended their profound gratitude to Dr. Hajini.

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