Library activity Shakespeare meets his Characters conducted

Library activity Shakespeare meets his Characters conducted


Library being a place that stores the energy to fuel the imagination. It offers creating opportunities for learning, support literacy and education and helps shape the new ideas and perspectives that are central to a creative and innovative world. Library is not only meant for issuing and returning books. In the library students are involved in activities to bring forth the hidden potential in them and helping them to overcome fear of speaking and socialising. Month of April was dedicated to Shakespeare as in this month, its his birthday .Moreover April 23rd is celebrated as World Book Day. Students from classes 3rd to 10th participated in activities like plays and poetry .The highlight of the month was “Shakespeare meets his Characters” in which students from 9th and 10th participated. Student namely Ibaad Bukhari played the role of Shakespeare and satiated the questions of the famous characters from his plays like Desdemona, Miranda, Brutus, Romeo, Juliet, Helena, Portia, King Lear and Beatrice. It was evident from his performance that he had put strenuous efforts .All the characters did justice to their respective roles, to make it more realistic they chose Shakespearean language. Audience included class 10th students. Guests from the staff were the English faculty, who were completely engrossed by the roles played by the students and their responses.

Looking forward to arrange more of such activities.

“Bad libraries build collections,
good libraries build services ,
great libraries build communities.”

                                                            R . David Lankes