Little Blossoms

Little Blossoms


We were looking to make an entry into the Harmony Youth Fest 2013, organized by tGELF in Gurgoan, under the short film competition section . . .

. . . it was nothing but our sheer good fortune that we chanced across this most special child on one bright Kashmir noon. No, not merely keeping in mind the film project at hand, but more so because of the kind of personality we were graced to spend time with.

On entering the Kashmir University Campus, barely did we know that the camera would shortly be framing our little star, striding amidst the towering Chinars, deeply engrossed in a world of his own.

And though it is kind of mystifying, there was something in his being that demanded instant attention. Without the faintest of notions that this would turn out to be the film we wanted, the camera got rolling.

What he lacked in terms of physical disabilities, he more than made up for it by his innocent zeal and enthusiasm. It was obvious that this was pretty much his first experience in handling a camera, but like you just saw, he took to it instinctively no less than a fish would have to water.

Capturing close to a hundred images in five minutes was something remarkable, but even more beautiful was the smile which effortlessly spread from his lips, flooding our hearts with joy.

The story doesn’t end here . . . in fact, this is just the beginning of things to unfold.

The support our school has extended towards our potential endeavors to encourage young Javeed is truly appreciable and overwhelming. For starters, DPS, Srinagar has made available to him a digital Canon PowerShot camera.

We hope to monitor the outcome at periodic intervals, with a vision to exhibit his work someday.