LKG Parent Orientation

LKG Parent Orientation


The LKG Parent Orientation was held on 23rd April 2015 and was attended by maximum number of parents .

Surabhi Jamal, Academic -in charge stressed on the importance of attending orientation programs which help in building ties between parents-teachers and the management and said that,“It is a must attend day, not only this year, but in the years to come.”

Parents were informed about the the Early Childhood Education program followed in school which is  prescribed by the National Curriculam Framework document 2005 in which the method of instruction is  child-centred, activity-oriented and with an  informal learning ambience. These points are  an integral and non-negotiable feature of teaching in our school.Assessment in both LKG and UKG would be informal in nature.

Parents were shown a short movie on the activities conducted like Mask Party,Jashne-Bahara Diwas,Plantation Day, Campus visit What’s in my sandwich activity all which helped in giving each child a variety of opportunities and experiences which would all  lead to the all round development of the child which includes  physical,mental,social emotional well being leading to school readiness i.e. prepared for formal schooling.