Middle Wing Celebrates Earth Day with Enthusiasm and Responsibility

Middle Wing Celebrates Earth Day with Enthusiasm and Responsibility


With a deliberate effort to show  gratitude for the privilege of enjoying the beauteous bounties of our Blue Planet, Delhi Public School, Srinagar celebrated “Earth Day” on 24th April, 2023. The middle wing (5th -8th) of the school planned a plethora of activities beforehand for every subject to make this a success. Apart from being subject oriented activities, they at the same time were integrated and comprehensive that solely aimed at conveying the message of greener, cleaner, rejuvenated  and more sustainable environment. The celebration also aimed at helping the students to learn intelligible message of protecting our earth and restoring its glory. 

The event was celebrated for the whole day in contemplation of developing a strong compassion in our students towards the Mother Earth who never fails to nourish and nurture all the creations. The fervour was created right from the morning when students entered their classrooms and found the whiteboards full of lyrics of the “Earth Anthem” and the same was played on all the smart boards. This was done with the wilful intention of acquainting our students with the “never failing generous approach” of the Mother Earth. The anthem aroused in them , a sense of compassion not only towards nature but towards each other as well. As a result, students actively and enthusiastically participated in all the activities that were planned for them by their subject teachers. Those activities were pragmatic in nature and resonated the students. Some highlighting elements that gracefully fulfilled the purpose of celebrating this day were beautiful recitations, extempore, reading, authentic statistics in the form of bar graphs, pictographs and pie charts, talking about environmental hazards from the past,  powerpoint presentations, 2D and 3D models, paintings, best from the waste, guerilla gardening, crossword puzzles based on environment/earth, polythene monster and beautiful writings etc.

It was very delightful to watch all the  students wearing green badges made by themselves with a “Go Green” message written over them. Some students even brought saplings to be planted in the school to add to the aura. Moreover, they also had researched on their own and came up with the excellent ideas of preserving our planet by judicious use of the limited resources, by utilizing alternative sources of energy and by safeguarding the earth to prevent climate change and other hazardous effects. Another commendable aspect of the event was that students pledged to adopt eco-friendly way of life by developing habits of switching off all the electrical appliances when not in use,  preferring walk or bicycles for shorter distances, avoid usage of plastic as much as possible, stopping wastage of water and paper and reusing materials to reduce pollution. Even these small efforts on the part of our students can make a large difference in making our planet the happier and healthier not only for the present generations but for the future generations as well.

This celebration has sensitized all the students and teachers through different activities to protect the planet and be responsible global citizens. It inspired us to save, love and venerate Mother Nature immensely. The  efforts of our staff members  in organizing everything in a smooth manner and in giving their best is highly commendable. DPS, Srinagar extends its heartiest congratulations to all the teachers and students for making this day outstandingly successful and adding more graceful feathers in our cap of excellence.