Middle wing conducts an online confidence building session for staff

Middle wing conducts an online confidence building session for staff


The middle wing (V-VIII) conducted an online confidence-building session for the staff on 11 June 2021.

The staff was divided into 6 groups with a team leader, who led the group of 10 participants each. Various activities were included breathing exercises, held by Ms Nazia Hassan, (School Counselor) who helped the teachers to release stress and relax the body. The participants were taught simple exercises and correct breathing techniques to remain healthy and agile. Teachers were also taught techniques for meditation to increase their concentration of mind, willpower and to release stress. After that, various word-building games and cook a humourous story were presented by each team.

The second session was an art activity. Team leaders have directed their members beforehand and guided them throughout the meeting. Everyone enjoyed the session and some beautiful drawings were created.

Both sessions were amazing and helped in releasing stress. Teachers participated actively and showed great enthusiasm. It was wonderful to meet everyone after a long time. This session really boosted confidence and helped in expressing themselves. The competitive spirit, enthusiasm, smile, happiness was prevalent. Confidence building session was organized with a purpose that teachers feel relaxed and staff gets to meet each other online. Team leaders had motivated their teams, prior informed them about the programme, and ensured their active involvement. E-certificates were given to the participants and the winning team with the best artwork.