Principal says, “You ARE ready”


Farewell Speech:

I have been giving farewell speeches for the last so many years now. One would have thought that time would make it a mechanical procedure. An action devoid of any real feeling. But every year, I feel the same emotions i felt the first time i gave a farewell speech.

Its unlike anything you might imagine.

There is a storm of conflicting emotions that rises within you. You feel sad that the children, that you have in a way brought up over the years, are finally ready to fly the coop. That you might never see them again.

There is also elation over the fact that these kids, who have been under your protective wings for so long, are now men and women, ready to make their own mark in the world outside. You want to tell them how proud you are of them. As individuals and as a team.

You also want to slip in a word of caution. Of being too complacent. Of working against the dictates of your conscience.

You want to warn them of the times they will face. When all will seem lost. When no ray of hope will seem visible. You want to tell them to look deep inside at times like these and hold on to the good in them.

You want to tell them never to forget that each one of them is an individual different from any other in the world. That each one is special.

But eventually, you end up saying nothing much at all. Because there is faith, Inherent faith in your children and the way they have turned out. I have the quiet confidence of a mother that you will all lead happy and successful lives.

Believe me children, you ARE ready. And it was our privilege to be a part of the most important and possibly the most beautiful time of your lives. God bless you all’’

Kusam Warikoo