RJ Talks – An interactive session with RJ Nasir

RJ Talks – An interactive session with RJ Nasir


A teacher’s programme was organized with RJ Nasir on 27th February at the Junior Auditorium, aimed at improving communication skills with peers, colleagues and students. The resource person of the programme was RJ Nasir, a well-known personality in the FM world. The workshop was based on how communication barriers among co-workers or between students and teachers in a particular organization can result in poor education outcomes. A communication barrier is any obstacle that prevents people from exchanging information effectively. There are a variety of communication barriers that can exist between teachers and students.

RJ Nasir spoke on different qualities for communicating efficiently like reading habits, ornamentation of words, being creative, putting right word at right place, commitment, being spontaneous, observing skills, good in local and state language. The workshop was attended by the teachers of LKG to Grade IV. The workshop was divided into three phases- Introductory phase, Interaction phase and Listening phase.

In the Introductory phase, teachers had to introduce themselves and share their ideas, traits, likes and dislikes. In Interaction phase, teachers were given a chance to get to know their fellow co-workers in a better way by discussing their likes and dislikes. Lastly in Listening phase, “Chinese Whisper” was played to emphasize on the point that in order to be an effective communicator, we need to be a good listener first.

The participants of the workshop effectively learnt how to overcome various communication barriers and enhance their communication skills. One of the teachers said, “The session surpassed my expectations! Lots of great data to solidify concepts, engaging facilitator, and easy to follow concepts…what more could you ask for!”.