School organizes farewell cum welcome ceremony for the ex and new principal

School organizes farewell cum welcome ceremony for the ex and new principal


A farewell cum welcome ceremony was organized by the school on June 21, 2017 where Ms. Kusam Warikoo was given a farewell and Mr. Bala Subramanian Murali was welcomed as the new school principal. All the staff members including the administrative staff, the teachers, the attendants, the bus-drivers, etc. attended the event and bid a tearful adieu to the ex-principal while warmly welcoming the new principal. The event was beautifully hosted by Ms. Farida and the music department put forth some mesmerizing performances in honour of the ex-principal and the new principal of the school.

The chairman, Mr. Vijay Dhar spoke at length to the audience, highlighting the innumerable contributions of Ms. Kusam Warikoo for the betterment of the school. He mentioned how she carried an aura that affected all around her and how she had in one way or the other touched each and every member of the DPS family. He also expressed his gratitude to her for raising the school to great heights. In his speech, the chairman also welcomed the new principal, Mr. Bala Subramanian Murali and wished him good luck for his new journey in this school. He mentioned how he hoped that the new principal will further strengthen the school and take us to greater heights.

Ms. Shafaq, the vice-principal also spoke in the event. She spoke on behalf of all the teachers of the school. She, in her speech, while bidding adieu to Ms. Warikoo thanked her for always being the helping and guiding hand for all the staff members. She mentioned that it was a delight and an honour to have worked with Ms. Warikoo and also narrated how she had been a great leader and guiding light for all. Ms. Shafaq also welcomed our new principal and expressed the hope to share a motivating and inspiring workspace with him.

A representative each from the group of drivers and the attendants also spoke on the event and expressed their heartfelt gratitude towards Ms. Warikoo while presenting a warm welcome to Mr. Murali.

The event was full of intense moments when saying goodbye brought tears to the eyes of most. Ms. Warikoo also addressed the audience and in a tearful speech bid adieu and thanked one and all present there for always bearing with her and allowing her to create a decent work culture in the school. She thanked the chairman, Mr. Vijay Dhar and Ms. Kiran Dhar for giving her the opportunity to be the principal of this school. She said it was a beautiful journey for her to be the head of this institution for about 5 years and got nostalgic while saying how this allowed her a chance to re-connect with her roots in Kashmir. She mentioned how working here was an enriching experience for her and how she was taking away with her all the cherished memories of this school.

The event concluded by presenting a small token of love to Ms. Warikoo by Ms. Kiran Dhar on behalf of the entire DPS family.