School Song written by our student, Mahia Bashir

School Song written by our student, Mahia Bashir


Of hope, glory, humility
Faith, paragon, creativity
Esteem, honour, ecstasy
Persistence and verity

Blessed from heavens by almighty
Imbibed by the DPS progeny
Proud we are of our legacy
For it is no mere fantasy

We dream , we aim , we light the way
Strive for the best and seize the day
God, enlighten us we all do pray
Ignorance,  thus we keep at bay

In toiling tenacity we shall thrive
Hone our zeal, zest, verve and drive
Being humane is what we shall learn
The midnight oilnsure we shal burn

Dipsites have and will make a difference
For learning is bound by no fence
Like roses we will leave our incense
In pure pursuit of excellence

Indeed we are the gems of this earth
The hope of the land of our birth
So pledge, dipsites will sure make peace
The world from doom and gloom release
That everything will be even
Each bud blossom in this Eden