School witness student council elections


“The ballot is stronger than bullet” – Abraham Lincoln

Elections were conducted in the various wings of the school for the Student Council under the supervision of the Electoral Incharge and the Electoral members, in a democratic way on 18th March, 2017 in the first two periods. The elections were held in a smooth manner. The teachers as well as the students were equally enthusiastic about the event. The students were asked to nominate themselves for taking part in the elections a few days prior to the final day of voting. These nominees presented their manifestos in front of their classmates in their respective classes. Each class witnessed a good number of student nominees who were confident to become the representatives of their classes and all the voters excitedly cast their votes in favour of their chosen representative. The votes were put in proper ballot boxes which were made by the students themselves. After the voting was over the process of counting began. The home-room teachers of each class counted the votes in front of the whole class creating an environment of excitement and curiosity all around. The results were finally declared to the eager students and the teachers alike. The winning candidates were then congratulated by the whole class. It was an interesting affair altogether.