Second debate held in senior school library

Second debate held in senior school library


The first debate of the session (group B) 2021 was held in the Senior school library from 12:30 to 1:30.

Members present: Debate Club members of classes 7, 8, 9 & 10 as audience, Library staff, English coordinator and Sub-coordinator.

The debate started with a brief welcome note by Zainab of class VIII and the English coordinator. There were four pairs of students debating against one another on four different topics.

The first pair- SARAH X and RAZA Momin X- debated on the topic ‘Should foreign languages be taught in schools’ and Sarah came out to be the winner; she was against.

The second pair- Sualiha IX and Rabaab X- debated on the topic ‘Should homework be mandatory’ and Sualiha won; she was against.

The third pair – Saroash X and Imaad IX- debated on the topic ‘ Should mental health issues be discussed in classrooms’. This was the most impressive one and Saroash earned the winning title. He spoke for the motion.

The last pair – Ahmed X and Zoya X- debated on ‘ Is snow a wonderland or a curse’. Though Zoya did impress the audience with her immaculate expression, but Ahmed won the hearts. He spoke in favour of snow being a wonderland.

At last, the students in the audience asked questions to the debators. It was a very mature exchange of thoughts and ideas.