Senior School Orientation

Senior School Orientation


A plus two (+2) orientation programme was conducted on Saturday, the 28th of March 2015 and for the benefit of the parents was repeated once again on 25th April, 2015 at 11:00 am. This was to acquaint the parents with the academics as well as the co-curricular activities of the school. Discipline was also an important aspect.

The programme began with a welcome speech by Ms. Saira Raza. She touched on the phenomenal growth of the school since the inception of the +2 faculty in the year 2007 from 3 sections to almost 16 sections, from one school in fine arts- ‘Ehtisham Azhar’ to over a hundred now. She also spoke about the desire of three girl students to be a part of humanities stream. The chairperson, Mr. Vijay Dhar rose up to the occasion and created an entire faculty for the same. With this growing demand of higher education compelled the chairperson to create another beautiful structure to facilitate the growing demands.

The academic head, Ms. Rabia Riyaz touched on the various academic points with the help of a Power Point Presentation which included important aspects such as, choice of the subjects, 5th subject combinations, 6th subject and its importance, retest schemes, checking of bunking, requirement of adequate attendance.

Mr. Sajad, Mr.Showkat Hakim, Mr. Rafiq Sofi, Mr. Hanief spoke about the subjects and their scope in the present day scenario.

Mr. Rafiq stressed on the importance of discipline in any system without which any institution fails to give its 100%.

Ms. Azhar Khursheed through a Power Point Presentation spoke about the activities and work experience workshops and the related grading scheme.

The counselor, Ms. Munazzah talked about the negative aspects of thrusting subjects on the children by their parents which was followed by queries from parents. The counselor readily answered.

As a whole, it was an extremely healthy and interactive session between the staff and parents. We hope it is only a prelude to man.