Sports Day organised for grade 5th and 7th

Sports Day organised for grade 5th and 7th


On 29th October, 2022 Delhi Public School organised Sports Day for grade 5th and 7th. It started around 9:30 am and continued till 12:30 pm with a lots of commendable performances. The day was solemnized with the motif of bringing qualities like team work, cooperation and leadership among our students. Students excitedly performed and their efforts and team work was very evident in every performance. This initiative not only aimed at their education but also their physical and mental well being thereby enabling them to recognise their physical potential and mental strength.

The day was commenced with blissful and heart warming prayer by our dear children which was followed by opening ceremony wherein audience and all the participants were warmly welcomed. Thang Tha, the first performance was displayed with great brilliance. Nothing could be more spiritually elevated thing then the yoga which was again done with great exuberance. In order to cheer up our audience further, our students also added colours and liveliness by some fillers. 100 M and 200 M races among students of different grades again highlighted the very theme of bringing out physical efficiency of our children. Felicitation of racers really encouraged them for such endeavours in future as well. Performances like lazium, Dumb Bell, Saree Drill and Martial Art were feast for the eyes. They at the very forefront highlighted the praise worthy efforts and hardwork of all the participants in order to reach such levels of perfection. Whether it was music of laziums, striking of dumb bells and waving of colourful sarees, commendable synchronization and dexterity was followed. Events of such sort should be organised more in order to bring the best from our children.

The greatest accomplishment of this day is the overwhelming response from the students and parents as well. Events of such nature are need of the hour as our children are very much confined to the four walls of their home and hardly prefer to go for such events.

The very precious and encouraging words by our worthy and esteemed principal towards the end emboldened not only the participants but all the faculty members who put in their untiring efforts to make this day outstandingly successful and a memorable one. The unparalled efforts of our staff members in preparing our children for the day, in organizing everything in a smooth manner and in giving their best is really commendable. Heartiest congratulations to every person who was behind this event for making this day an another feather in our cap of excellence.