Stepping Stones to Middle School: Celebrating the Class V Graduation Day

Stepping Stones to Middle School: Celebrating the Class V Graduation Day


The Graduation Day celebration for the Class V students at Delhi Public School was a momentous occasion brimming with excitement as they bid farewell to the Junior School and eagerly anticipated the commencement of their middle school journey. On March 29, 2023 the school came alive with vibrant energy as students and teachers gathered to commemorate this significant milestone in the students’ lives.

The event commenced with a heartfelt welcome address by Ms. Monisa Khursheed, the academic in-charge, who lauded the students for their commendable achievements and urged them to persevere in their pursuit of excellence as they ventured into the next chapter of their academic odyssey. Her words resonated with the students, instilling in them a sense of determination and resolve to embrace the challenges that lay ahead.

Throughout the day, the students immersed themselves in a myriad of engaging activities meticulously planned to foster camaraderie and create lasting memories. From collaboratively decorating a doodle wall sharing their good and bad memories, participating in exhilarating group play activities, every moment was infused with laughter, joy, and a sense of unity. The rhythmic beats of music filled the air as students danced with abandon, revelling in the joy of newfound friendships and shared experiences.

Amidst the laughter and camaraderie, the day also provided moments of reflection and introspection as students reminisced about their journey in the Junior School. The students departed with hearts full of gratitude for the memories created and anticipation for the exciting journey ahead, cherishing the bonds forged and the lessons learned along the way.