Student Exchange Programme to Shri Ram Ananta Aspen leadership School

Student Exchange Programme to Shri Ram Ananta Aspen leadership School


The Shri Ram Ananta Aspen Leadership School

A two week residential programme at Camp panther, Snow Leopard Adventures by the Ganges at Rishikesh. The Shri Ram Ananta Aspen leadership School started this year with an opening ceremony on 18 May,2014 at The Shri Ram School, Aravalli and the closing ceremony was on 31 may,2014 at the same venue. Two students of our school: “Madiha Batool” Class 10A and “Mir Irtiza Latief” Class 11 A1 garduated from The Shri Ram Ananta Aspen leadership School this year. This programme helps to train leaders of tomorrow. It made them independant as here they had to come out from their comfort zone. The students had many activities to perform which helped them to unleash the leader within, and to give rise to some new leadership qualities. In order to give benefits to people, a leader needs to be healthy. So, they had Acro Yoga which helped to bridge the  gap between revolution and evolution. Socratic dialogue gave rise to leadership qualities like: reason and judgement. It made them understand that everybody gets a different meaning for something and most of the times they are all correct.It made them respect each others decesions. Communication skills made the students use the vowel sounds correctly. It gave them mor econfience which helped the children to speak whatever they feel about a particular situation without being self conscious. Adventure sports made the students confront their fears- nay, embrace them and eventually they found that they could conquer them. Silent hour made them think about themselves and how a particular thing makes them feel. it helped them to discover their own self. At the end the children ha dto choose a leadership project which they thought could really bring a change in the world.

Leadership is a continuous process but TSALS has broken it down into five steps to make it exciting, engaging, and evocative to all senses for young adults.

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