Students visit to SPS Museum

Students visit to SPS Museum


Visit to SPS museum was decided by EVS teachers for which they had set following objectives.

  • To integrate education with recreation.
  • To familiarize students with culture of ancient Kashmir, Ladakh , Jammu etc
  • To develop sense of responsibility among students regarding taking care of the things and being a keen observer.
  •  To enable students to develop love for their culture, heritage and community.

All the EVS teachers went to their respective classes and sensitized the students about the purpose of the visit and the discipline they are supposed to maintain throughout the visit.

We took a round of the different sections of the museum and explained them about various things e.g Manuscript, weapons, textiles, paintings etc

After the visit worksheets already prepared during the summer break by EVS faculty were provided to the students.

On spot assessment about their observation was done by providing questionnaire.

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