World Book Day Celebrations

World Book Day Celebrations


Tiny Tots – World Book Day

The Tiny Tots, classes LKG to 2nd celebrated World Book Day on  Thursday 23rd April 2015 .

It’s never too early to get children interested in books, and we hope that the DROP EVERYTHING AND READ period, that is the DEAR period observed this day helped to introduce students  to develop a life long  love for books.

Books were given to each child-for the LKG students ,it was just getting them to turn the pages and look at the colorful pictures and for grade 2 students ,they were keen to read the book from start to finish.

We hope parents spend time reading stories to their children which would fire the creativity in their children in the wonder years to come.

Hope you and your child celebrates Book Day everyday as every day can be a great day for books!

Happy reading!

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World Book Day was celebrated with full enthusiasm and fervor  by our children knowing the significance of this day, they made the different  book marks, read about famous authors and their works and also decorated the library corner, by dropping down their beautiful thoughts about reading and their ‘love and passion’ for it. Teachers also contributed to the corner and wrote down their views.

 Few thoughts by children :

 “One who befriends, a book is never alone.” (Adain shabir-VIII)

If  you hate books, then you never got to live the other life. (Syed Nahida-XI B 2)

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