“Toss out the Junk food and start making snack time fun!”

“Toss out the Junk food and start making snack time fun!”


“Prepare smart. Eat smart.”

It’s a great time of the year to have a “Yummy Snacks” theme based Friday activities for the month of April, 2015. This month Tiny Tots students will make different kinds of snacks from ‘Sandwiches to Aloo chat’. The students will be given an opportunity to make their own snacks. This will inculcate in them the qualities of sharing and teamwork. This will also develop a sense of independence not only in girls but also in boys how to do such tasks, teaching gender equality from a young age.

Infact, ‘Sandwich Making’ activity that was conducted last Friday i.e; 10th April, 2015 was a fabulous experience. All the children enthusiastically took part in the activity. Children were also briefed about the ingredients used in sandwiches. It was amazing to watch kids preparing snacks. They were very proud of their creation and were eager to taste the self made sandwiches. A toddler from UKG A said, “Mam,yeh jo hum bana rahe hai, aap ko khana hai ya humein” Overall, it was a fun activity for all. Pertinently, students were made aware of the source of each ingredient used through a worksheet which students enjoyed thoroughly.

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