Traditional Dress Day Celebrations

Traditional Dress Day Celebrations


Traditional Day celebrated  at DPS (TINY TOTS WING)

“It takes an endless amount of history to make even a little tradion”

Though the world is changing in terms of trends, technology and modern discoveries, we are all strongly rooted to our tradition. Tradition includes beliefs and customs which we strongly adhere to or respect. Every government or society or country or state has their own practices which they want to preserve and pass on in hopes of keeping tradition alive. The word ‘tradition’ comes from the Latin word traditionem which means “handing over, passing on”.

As we at, Delhi Public School, Srinagar have students from different regions and religions, ‘Traditional Day’ was celebrated on 29th of May, 2015 with great pomp and show. Children from LKG to 2nd standard were dressed in colourful traditional attires. Morning prayer was followed by singing a song “Hum honge kamyab….” sending a clear message that children of the 21st century can overcome any and every obstacle. It was delightful to visualize our youngest lot of children from Tiny Tots singing Kashmiri song “Niyai traviv maae thaviv paniwan”. This was followed by ramp show of children presenting traditional dresses of different regions.They also danced on the tunes of Kashmiri and Punjabi songs. The atmosphere was filled with fun and frolic. It was a moment of great ‘joy and pride’ as we all stood united to celebrate spirit of religious harmony. Later, children exchanged candies with each other to show love and mutual respect. This was just one of the many ways the school marked the day, which aims to promote ‘Unity in Diversity’.

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