Work Experience Class XII

Work Experience Class XII


The school organized a ‘Work Experience” week for Class XIIto expose them to different vocations and the fine arts in order to gain a more liberal education. The following were the various categories in which the students participated:

  • Papier Machie
  • Wicker Work
  • Pottery
  • Art
  • Carpentry
  • Cooking
  • Theatre
  • Gardening
  • Music
  • Information Technology

The students were provided with the resource persons who guided them in the minute details of the respective arts.

The‘papier machie’ club came up with beautiful products such as balls, glasses, plates table, flower vases, etc and in the process learnt the technique for producing papier machie products.

The students also participated in wonderful wicker products like dust-bins, flower vases, pen holders, baskets of different shapes and sizes, etc. The end result was beautifully woven, and intricately designed wicker products.

Clay products such as clay pots, candle- holders, etc finely painted with exquisite designs by the artists of the Art Club were also made.They also painted abstract and realistic paintings.

A variety of wooden models such as a stadium, Eiffel Tower, beach chair, etc were crafted by the students in the course of the workshop.

Delicious baked food items, different kinds of pies are what the ‘Cooking Club’ came up with. It was like an appetizing tour of different cuisines of the world.

The theatre club turned out to be a great success as students came up with a play depicting a very important social message “Stop Bullying”. Their performances were highly appreciated by the audience.

The Gardening Club experimented with various techniques of planting trees and taking care of them. They also learned about the different seasonal flowers and maintained the flower beds of the school very elegantly.

The students of the Music Club prepared a beautiful Kashmiri song written by Samad Mir. They were highly appreciated for the melodious composition.

The students of the IT Club participated in a workshop in which they learned about being up to date with the growing demand of technology.

Later, the studentsexhibited their finished products in the indoor stadium on 30May2014 where their efforts and creativity was appreciated by the management, staff, students and parents alike.