Workshop on Compassion and Creating Healing Spaces held

Workshop on Compassion and Creating Healing Spaces held


An online workshop on “Compassion and Creating Healing Spaces” was conducted for Learning Resource Center staff on 19-6-2021 by Mr. Arun Wakhlu who is a renowned facilitator and mentor of Pragati Leadership in Pune. The workshop began with a brief introduction about the speakers  given by Ms. Syed Sumara. Mr. Arun Wakhlu introduced two more team members namely Ms. Vidya Chikte and Ms. Anisha Nair who shared their valuable insights on how to incorporate mindfulness in our lives.

Mr. Arun Wakhlu started the workshop by asking teachers to share their presumptions regarding  the  workshop and made  an expeditious observation regarding the imbalance in life , emotional and mental stress that everyone goes through.

He gave a brief overview of some coping mechanisms and making peace with ourselves by focusing on present moment “Now”. He stressed that it is important to  live in the moment and not to oscillate between past and future . Moreover ,it is important to show gratitude for everything, inculcate the habit of appreciation, not to judge ourselves ,create a healing touch  give time to self and have trust on divine. The learnings were substantiated by inspirational videos and slide presentations which were both healing and persuasive. After the session, Mr. Wakhlu answered all the questions and every teacher got a chance to present their observations.

The workshop concluded with the sharing of responses by the participants. Ms Munaza – Incharge LRC thanked Mr. Wakhlu for sparing his valuable time and helping her team to relax, inspire and rejuvenate.