Workshop on “Overcoming Mathematics Phobia” organised

Workshop on “Overcoming Mathematics Phobia” organised


An interesting mathematics workshop titled “How to overcome Mathematics Phobia” organised by Career Counseling Department of the School was held at the Senior Auditorium on Saturday, April 1st for the Students of Class VIII. The aim of the workshop was to eradicate maths phobia from students’ minds, instill confidence and help them to perform mathematical operations quickly and accurately.

The resource person for this workshop was Mr. Mir Bilal Ahmad, a mathematician and innovator, who has an experience of 14 years in teaching as he has worked in various colleges and schools as assistant professor. He also creates and vets the content for various textbook publishers. Bilal Ahmad, famously known as “Elon Musk of Kashmir” has made a solar car which is not only luxurious but is also affordable for the common people. He has been working on this project for over 11 years and today he drives his solar car with confidence. The innovative car made by him works on solar energy and has solar panels all over the surface.

The facilitator had a brilliant technical and pedagogical knowledge which made the workshop more informative, constructive and interactive. He proved that math phobia can be curbed completely when students are taught quick steps to solve the calculations. As they augment concentration and memory power, learning mathematics would never be a hard nut to crack. The workshop turned out to be beneficial in strengthening the fundamental conceptual skills in methodologies of teaching Math and proved to be highly fruitful for the students.

All the participants were happy that the workshop had given them an opportunity to learn new strategies and techniques which they can incorporate into their classrooms work. There was great appreciation from the participants about the techniques shared by the resource person and students left the session with the credence that they could develop strong mathematical skills in themselves.