Workshop on Substance Abuse Among Young Adults And Role Of A Teacher

Workshop on Substance Abuse Among Young Adults And Role Of A Teacher


A workshop was held for the teachers of various wings in our school from 9th to 11th January, 2017. It was conducted by Dr. Muzaffer Khan, Clinical Psychologist at Drug De-addiction Centre (DDC), Srinagar. The workshop was attended by teachers of classes III to X.

The agenda of the workshop was to create awareness in the teachers about substance abuse among young students. The workshop commenced with a brief introduction of the participating teachers followed by an interaction on the challenges faced by a teacher while dealing with students suffering from substance abuse. Dr. Muzaffer discussed the causes and consequences of substance abuse and enlightened the role of a teacher in identifying and coping with such cases in school and how one can be a source of help for such students. The purpose of the workshop was to change the stigmatic approach of the society towards those who are knowingly or unknowingly indulging in substance abuse. It surely was an eye opening experience which involved constructive interaction between the teachers and the trainer.

During the workshop, Dr. Muzaffer shared some of his observations related to substance abuse. According to his observations, children as young as twelve years of age could suffer from substance abuse. The uses of mind altering substances have deleterious effect leading to psychological and physiological dependence. Young adults under the influence of such substances are at risk of long term impairment of cognitive abilities. Substance abuse is also correlated with anti-social and violent behavior. Dr. Muzaffer also discussed the various factors facilitating substance abuse such as over the counter availability of such addictive drugs, unregulated pocket money, lack of parental monitoring, lack of emotional bonding, disturbed family cultures, etc.

The positive role of teachers in dealing with substance abuse cases was elaborately discussed. Dr. Muzaffer suggested that a teacher should have a genuine desire to help the child and try to find out the reasons as to what led the child into substance abuse. Also we should help by creating awareness among young students about the detrimental effects of drugs on their lives and on those around them.

The workshop was concluded with the thought Hate The Sin, Not The Sinner and it was an enriching experience for all the teachers.