About Learning Resource Centre

School management clubbed with global education fund who volunteered to help school to set a unit for Learning Resource Centre. In year 2011, Cathy Hill a special educator visited Delhi Public School, Srinagar as a member of GEF and did all the ground work by interviewing teachers and understanding their difficulty facing to teach the special children. In august 2011, global education fund had send team of four comprising of a clinical psychologist Dr. Kate Gorman a speech therapist, Rita a trauma expert Medaline Gorman and Suzzane a special educator on the invigilation from the school management. This team evaluated and assessed all the children with special needs. They interacted with parents of these children to get to know the difficulty level of these children. Now the need was felt , yes school should set up a unit for these children which can suffice their needs keeping their difficulty level in consideration.

In January 2012, two teachers who volunteered to help to setup LRC unit namely Ms. Aaliya and Ms. Shafaq were sent to New York by the school management to get trained and equipped with modern techniques used to teach special children.These teachers worked under the guidance of Dr. Kate Gorman (clinical psychologist). The programme was planned in such a way where they visited all the elite schools of New York who catered to special children. They visited regular schools with special children and also exclusive special schools. In all these schools they observed the pattern of teaching of different special children in accordance to their needs. They visited more than the techniques of teaching and also an important phenomenon of how to plan these techniques and adopt them in teaching in accordance to the needs of differently abled children. This individualized educational plan was the basic technique which was to be learnt as to start working with the special children.

These teachers came back fully equipped with how to go with the plan and execute it in the school after starting the LRC unit. In school under the guidance of Ms. Sunanda Dhar the co-co-ordinator of LRC programme. These two teachers started working for setting up the Learning Resource Centre in Delhi Public school, Srinagar. Programme starting with assessing all the children with Special needs after the assessment teachers who were teaching these children were interacted with so as to know all the individual details of each child be it social behavior academic, Peer relationship gross and fine motor skills, every detail was penned down. After this followed the interaction with the parent getting to know the details at home front and also the medical details if any had that.

In April 2012, a room LRC unit was set up in under the guidance of Ms. Sunanda Dhar the co-ordinator of whole programme. Children were categorized into two categorized into two category children were taught in LRC room and the curriculum was devised by the teachers working in accordance to the individualized educational plan. The integrated student were following regular curriculum in regular class but were pulled out during optional class and taught the subject in which they needed extra help be it math, English or science. In these two categories twenty four kids were taken care of as per the need management recruited two new teachers who started working in this Learning Resource Centre catering to twenty four students. The students were with different disabilities like Autism, Dyslenia, ADHD, M.R, Cerebral Palasy, William Syndrome. Then this LRC unit started working with regular teachers explaining to them the needs of the child in relevance to problem he or she had. Regular interaction with the teachers helped the unit to work in co-ordination for better results. All these twenty students were evaluated by a team of four specialists comprising of a clinical psychologist, speech therapist and occupational therapist. They conducted VMI test and pea body test and hence gave a report of each child detailing about the evaluation of each individual whose tests they conducted among these twenty four students. They also evaluated the children who were recommended by the teachers year 2013 management again sent three teachers for intense training for learning disability to New York. These trainers did an internship in Churchill school which is well known school for learning disability. In and on Ms. Sunanda Dhar co-ordinated the whole programme helping the teachers to incorporate the learnt techniques in their daily teaching the unit was extended by adding more students who were evaluated by New York team. Now the number of students increased from twenty four to sixty four. Four more teachers recruited by the management and few more services were provided by the LRC unit. Now social group, remedial classes and speech therapy sessions were also introduced. So now we had different groups been captured by different persons in accordance to the individual need of the child. The achievement from year 2012-2013 was such that now all they had sensitized to cater to the needs of these special children. In social group behavior, emotional, social issues of children were taken care of. In remedial class English language was been taught be in spoken skill or speaking skill. In speech therapy sessions different therapies were been provided by the therapist catering to needs of the children with speech problem. LRC unit also makes all the student computer savvy so that they are not left behind in any way. The idea behind working of LRC is that education provided should be child centric, activity based using kinesthetic approach.