Skiing Course 2017

Skiing Course 2017


Our school strives for the overall development of our children and for that we not only lay stress on the academics but also plan different sports and other co-curricular activities. The skiing course was a good learning experience for the students which not only helped them get better with the sport but also developed in them the self-confidence to face their fears and overcome tough challenges. Our school participated in the skiing course organized by the Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering in Gulmarg from 22 to 04 February, 2017. The event witnessed student participation from all over the country. 51 students from our school participated in the skiing course and made the school proud by winning 14 medals in the basic, intermediate and advance course. Our students were accompanied by 4 teachers namely Mr. Khalid bin Mohammad, Mr. Malindar Singh, Ms. Sabah Qadri and Mr. Tajinder Singh.

The list of students who won various positions in the course are as follows:

Names Position Class
Basic Technique    
Aveen Shabir 1st Position V
Aifah Aijaz 2nd Position VIII
Ahmad bin Ayoub 3rd Position VI
Basic Slalom    
Zubair Ahmad Wani 1st Position IV
Khalid Khursheed 3rd Position V
Intermediate Technique    
Saliq Mushtaq 2nd Position VII
Intermediate Slalom    
Syed Zayn 3rd Position VI
Advanced Slalom    
Azam Samad  3rd Position IX
Khalid Bin Mohammad 1st Position Teacher

Consolation prize winners:

Names Class
Dua Naqash IV
Asyisha V
Aiera Jan V
Mohd Hamza V
Mohd Adeen Jan VI