Harry Potter – A combat with the pandemic

Harry Potter – A combat with the pandemic


Brrring! The bell rung like it was shouting at the students to leave their respective classes and come to the playground as it was the games period in the Hogwart school. Harry Potter and his friends – Harmione Granger and Ron Weasly ran out happily. All the students were busy in playing When all of a sudden they heard an announcement regarding the Closure of Hogwart school due to spread of novel Coronavirus in the country which was declared as pandemic by the authorities.

The school was shut and all the students were asked to go back to their homes. Instead of going home, Harry Potter and his friends hid in the basement of their hostel. When the whole building was empty, they came out and vowed to combat this novel Coronavirus and save the world of this pandemic.

They started mixing Madam Pomfrey’s magical tonics which could make an invisible virus visible, which they threw in the air, and on ground. They saw many viruses flying in the air. After wearing gloves in their hands and putting masks on their faces, they were ready for the fight. Holding his magical stick, Harry Potter murmured some magical words. Soon all the three were flying in the air, where they saw a witch who was blowing the wind and more and more viruses were getting added to the air.

Harry casted a magical spell and Soon there were magical swords and shields in the hands of all the three friends. Together, they Cornered the witch and attached her. Harry casted another spell and there was a volcano before them oozing out lava from all sides. They attached the witch again and threw her in the volcano. Suddenly, all the viruses in the air started disappearing.

Harry and his friends landed back on the ground. The virus was finally gone. People were coming out of their homes to celebrate. Now the happiness was again in the air.